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Contactless Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day during Covid can still be filled with your favorite blooms! La Fleur can make your outdoor celebration a safer alternative by having your flowers designed in our studio and dropped off at your wedding location with minimal set up. Our team will practice all rules and regulations regarding Covid Safety Guidelines. Safety and health first!

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Mr. and Mrs. Selby, Happy Anniversary!

It has been one year! Happy Anniversary to my friends, The Selby’s! Mrs. Selby (aka La Madama) reached out to me to do a bouquet for her wedding. I was honored and it has been one of my favorite bouquets to date. Kevin and La Madama’s wedding had a lot of beautiful symbolism and customs that held deep meaning.

Her request for blue flowers were to represent Yemaya, The Goddess of the Sea, which brings a cleansing energy and sense of calm. The flowers are offered to Yemaya in gratitude for allowing the union to take place. Sending the flowers to the ocean’s tides!

The treasure chest is a symbol of the many gifts and abundance in store for the couple. The anchor is to keep them grounded in their love for each other. The face represents the Goddesses of the river and seas, that they merge together in strength.

Guests attend dressed in white, which represents purity and good intentions for the couple.

The Jumping of the Broom is a time-honored wedding tradition in which the bride and groom jump over the broom during the ceremony. The act symbolizes a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past, and can also signify the joining of two families or offer a respectful nod to family ancestors.

Mr. and Mrs. Selby’s wedding location was none other than Coney Island, Brooklyn! Our summertime Dance and Drumming Friends spend many weekends together here. It is also where Kevin proposed!

One of the most beautiful stories of this union was that La Madama wanted her dear friend and spiritual sister to perform her wedding. She shared with me ” I have known Evelyn for as long as I have known my husband. She is a friend who became my sister! I asked her to marry us because she has been with us since the beginning. I will continue to be grateful to her and her husband, God bless them both”! Evelyn Jimenez is “Spirit in Motion”, guided by The Universe as God sees fit.

The blessing of knowing Mrs. Selby and calling her friend, made it a wonderful pleasure to choose her flowers for the bouquet. Being an aquatic sea creature myself, I had just the right flowers in mind for her special day. Blue thistle, silver brunia, and protea gave an ocean feel. The rosemary represents love and loyalty, the oregano is joy. The look was accented with umbrella fern, viburnum berries, and coral.

Wishing the Selby’s many more years of love and happiness together! August 24, 2019!

Photos are compliments of Charmaine Bourne, Sandy Paradise Lady, and Cano el Nene.

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Pollinators in Central Park Conservatory Garden

Pollinator flowers are essential to our lives! To air quality, the food we eat, and habitats and ecosystems that give our wild animals food and shelter.

A photographer, DJ, and great friend provided me with the photos below. Tom Gomez lives blocks from Central Park in NYC and takes the most magical photos of parades, dance gatherings, and seasonal plant life. All photos are courtesy of him, thank you!

Pollinators are best if you choose plants native to your area. Succession planting is the process of staggering your flowers so that they bloom at different parts of the summer, yet keeping your garden looking complete. I suggest picking different mixtures of flowers and plants that will add texture, variance, and different heights.

La Fleur

Planting Fields Arboretum

Today’s journey leads me to Oyster Bay, New York, in Long Island. What a sumptuous summer feast for the summertime eyes! From Coe Hall, The Italian Gardens, Tea House, The Park, The Camellia House, and The Sensory Gardens. Enjoy a social distanced walk with me!

La Fleur

A trip to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Reserve

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is located in New York City and  managed by the National Park Service as part of Gateway National Recreation Area. It is composed of the open water and intertidal salt marshes of Jamaica Bay. It lies within the boundaries of New York City, divided between the boroughs of Brooklyn to the west and Queens to the east.

The refuge provides habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna, both marine and terrestrial. It is a prime location for viewing birds and bird migrations. It also hosts salt marshes, dunes, brackish ponds, woodland, and two large freshwater ponds. A visitor center with a parking lot provides free permits to walk the trails. The two main trails go around the East Pond and the West Pond.

The trails are still open from sunrise to sunset, during Covid – 19 pandemic, but the Visitor Center is closed. Restroom facilities are open from 9-5. Check the website for updates prior to your visit.

We set off on our journey on a sunny June afternoon. It was our first visit and I was happily surprised at what a hidden gem this is! The West Pond Trail is 1.8 mile circular loop. It is a gravel trail and an easy hike. Sensible, closed toe walking shoes are recommended. Long pants and a scarf will also make your walk more comfortable. Don’t forget your sunscreen and mosquito repellent as well!

Bat and House Wren boxes are located throughout the refuge. Bats need a place to roost and House Wrens a place to nest, as they are drawn to holes around houses. The types of bats that you will find here are little brown bats, red bats, and hoary bats.

The abundance of flora at the reserve was astounding! Throughout the year many blooms will make their entrance and grace the land with their presence. The scent of honeysuckle permeated the air and the berries were vibrant and full.

I did some research on a beautiful blossom that ranged in vibrant pink hues to crisp white. The Salt Spray Rose is common to this area and thrives in the sand. Its “hips” ripen later in the summer and provide food for the wildlife.

Cacti also showed up along the trail. I was fortunate enough to capture a few in bloom!

A few other flowers showed their faces along the way. Queen Anne’s Lace is one prominent wildflower that is attractive to a variety of insect pollinators. Butterfly Weed (Asclepias) is known for attracting butterflies.They are drawn to the plant for its color and copious production of nectar.

The water views and ponds were magnificent! Several types of birds were spotted; however, I did not have my special camera and lenses. On my next trip!

Coming to the end of our day trip, we captured some other shots that I had to share. I hope that you have enjoyed the travels and will consider making your journey to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Reserve! Love and respect to Mother Nature!

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Mermaid Jewelry

Due to the pandemic, Coney Island’s 38th Annual Mermaid Parade was cancelled this year. It has been a tradition in Brooklyn that takes place on the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice, June 21, regardless of weather. It is a celebration of self-expression, boost pride in Coney Island, and give New York artists a place to display their artwork.

It all began in 1983, when the first event of this kind was conceptualized and organized by Dick Zigun, who is nicknamed the “Mayor of Coney Island”, and who was the founder of the non-profit arts organization Coney Island USA.

The parade of June 22, 2013 was almost canceled due to a lack of money and resources following the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. It was rescued through a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $117,000, more than the $100,000 goal.

My fellow Mermaid Sisters and I have gone for many years and have immensely enjoyed crafting our costumes, head pieces, and jewelry. We couldn’t celebrate our parade this year, health first! But I had to be a Mermaid for the Solstice! So I made some Mermaid Jewelry, a necklace and wristlets, to celebrate The Sisters of The Sea! We went to http://Jacob Riis Park and had a grand time!

Mermaid Bauble Necklace
Sea Shell Wristlets

June Roses

Art and Flowers

As a young girl in the 1970’s, I will never forget seeing Burt Reynolds on the cover of Cosmopolitan! Be still my beating heart! The age of the bushy mustache, knowing smile, and bear skin “carpet”.

A dear friend gave me a print of this notorious moment on my 43rd birthday. I could not wait to get it framed and adorn my wall. Many friends who visit my home have had their photos taken with Burt and he is quite the conversation piece. He is graced with different flowers and foliage during the changing seasons and today he is graced with June rose blooms.

Burt’s Blossoms

On a work trip to New Orleans, I was overwhelmed by the amount of colorful art that graced almost every street corner. I had little time to thoroughly attend every gallery that I passed, but one kept popping up in my travels. I stopped dead in my tracks outside of http://O’Neill Art Gallery on Royal Street. His painting, “Winds of Change” conjured up such emotion in my heart. So many things in my life were all over the map and I knew that I could relate to the woman and her expression in this piece of art. I had to have it! Peter O’Neill remains one of my favorite artists. He captures the flavor of bold and colorful women living life. Flower Homage to “Winds of Change”.

Peter O’Neill “Winds of Change”

La Fleur

Houttuynia Cordata

Otherwise known as “Chameleon Plant”. I came across this in my backyard and became curious. What is its fragrance? Would it live cut and in water? What is her name?

Houttuynia Cordata is a very aggressive plant and thrives in moist and shady conditions. In South-east Asia it is used in traditional cuisine, both fresh and cooked. It is a medicinal and edible herb with a very unique scent. It is used for digestive issues, insect bites, fever, cough and a myriad of other health issues.

I took a few cuttings and added them to a vase. They have held up wonderfully in fresh water and add a lovely accent to the rest of the arrangement.

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Spring blooms

May blossoms into June. Everywhere we look is an explosion of colorful flowers! From peonies, allium, geranium, mock orange, Solomon’s seal, hosta leaves, and a menagerie of colored roses! It is one of my favorite times of the year to design arrangements. The intensity of color, the fullness of blooms, and the vibrancy of the foliage.

Here are a few things that I was able to design during the pandemic, with vases and Buddha from http://Jamali. Enjoy!