I recently had the pleasure of working on an event that featured massive puffs of acacia (also known as mimosa) in brightly accented urns. The beauty and sweet scent of the acacia had the whole event staff happy and excited; which made me feel the need to investigate the story of acacia…

There are several different varieties that grow throughout the world. Some of the variations include different size and color of the blooms, texture and color of the leaves, and stem length. They have many ornamental uses: gardens, cut flowers for florists, and homeowners use them for security purposes (their sharp thorns on certain varieties deter break ins when planted near windows).

Acacia has a long history of symbolism and rituals. In Freemasonry it represents purity and endurance of the soul. For funerary purposes, it symbolises resurrection and immortality. People in India, Nepal, and China use it in incense. It is also used in alcoholic beverages that are consumed by humans and elephants!

And finally, my favorite story of acacia….For International Women’s Day (celebrated on March 8 throughout Russia and Italy), branches of acacia are presented to the women of your life as a sign of respect and appreciation. The holiday was originally designed by the United Nations to bring social awareness to the struggles of women worldwide. Celebrate the women in your life!


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