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Samos Restaurant Baltimore, MD


Samos Restaurant

600 Oldham St.

Baltimore, MD 21224


Monday – Saturday 11 am-9 pm

CLOSED Sundays


No Reservations/No Credit Cards

I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Samos Greek Restaurant this week and I am so excited to share this divine dining experience with you! Samos has been a staple of Greek Town restaurants off of Eastern Avenue for over 35 years. In 1977, Nicholas Georgalas opened up Samos as a sandwich shop. It has since taken off to become a place that people line up just to get the chance to sample some of the wonderful delicacies. The wait staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The menu is typical Greek food, however, there is nothing typical about it. We ordered the appetizer of grilled octopus that made my tongue sing! It had capers, garlic, lemon, and herbs that made the octopus extraordinary! My dinner was shrimp skewers with grilled Haloumi cheese , salad and Greek rice, to die for! The menu pricing was very affordable and the BYOB option made this place a wonderful steal! Run, don’t walk!




One of my freelance projects takes me to my hometown of Baltimore,Maryland to work at Radebaugh’s Florist and Greenhouses (  Located in Towson, Md., they are the largest florist and greenhouse operation in all of Baltimore. Their greenhouse boasts some of the most beautifully  cultivated plants you will see. And today’s plant is the Primrose.

Primroses are an English perennial plant that are commonly known as “Prima Rosa”, meaning first rose of the season. They can be used as an indoor/outdoor plant and can withstand temperatures as low as 45 degrees. This beauty needs bright, but not direct, sunlight in humid conditions. Keep the soil moist but not wet, proper drainage is mandatory. Primroses are in season in the early spring to early May.  

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Neet Event at Twelve 21


Simple pops of pink Gerbera Daisies and Hot Lady Roses warm up cocktail tables for this evening’s event.

Corseted Rose Bouquet


Hot, hot, hot! Hot Lady roses need not ever be simple! Finish off your “Hot Lady”

 look with two layers of black and fuschia ribbons with pearl pins accenting the bouquet.

Pretty in Pink Bouquets


“Tell me about yourself”….

This question always seems to make most brides ponder the thought….

“Who am I? What makes me smile? What is my style? What colors suit me best? What flower would define me?”

The featured bouquets say to me that you are a feminine, classy and understated woman who needs little to enhance yourself. These bouquets of simply sweet pea and all ranunculus make a subtle statement of elegance for your big day!

And let us not forget the ranunculus boutonniere for the groom!