Chef Paco and coastal Maine

Chef Paco and coastal Maine

When your coworker and best friend asks you if you would like to join him as a chef’s assistant on a cooking job on a private island off the coast of Maine, what do you do? You pack a bag with an apron and go!

On any given day, Chef Paco cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a group of twelve. Some of the highlights of his menu were : roasted farm raised chicken, marinated lamb with wilted greens, Maine lobster with farm churned butter, and an assortment of delicious vegetable based salads picked from the garden. Some of the meals were served beachside picnic style, grilling over a fire pit in the sand. I got to put my baking skills to use, and learned many helpful hints from Chef Paco to make the most of my sweets. Banana bread, carrot muffins, spiced currant cookies, and hazelnut mousse were just a few of my desserts on the menu.

When we had a moment away from the kitchen, hikes through the island and beach trips were our delight! Walking through the forest of spruce trees, moss lined paths brimming with ferns, and picturesque ponds made for a relaxing getaway.

When all was said and done, we had many standing ovations for the meals that Chef Paco put together. His cooking skills, charm, and wonderful energy are the perfect recipe for anyone’s dinner table! Thank you for the experience and all of the cooking lessons!












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