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What’s in a Name? Dawn Dolls Circa 1970-1973

What’s in a Name? Dawn Dolls Circa 1970-1973

A friend of mine asked me how I got the name Dawn. My reply was “After the Dawn Dolls of the 70’s, of course”! He had no idea what I was talking about, so I Google Imaged a few pics of Dawn and he Wikipediad┬ásome info on her. WOW, the correlations that we unearthed between the doll and myself! It was startling and hysterical at the same time! Did my Mom have any idea how my life would emulate that of a spin off of Barbie?

Dawn was a smaller and more affordable version of Barbie produced by Topper Toys. She came with varying themes, “Dancing Dawn” and “Flower Fantasy Dawn” to name a few. She was obsessed with her friends, fashion, and Disco dancing. Being quite progressive for her time, she had a wide range of flamboyant and colorful friends. They had a runway that you could purchase for Dawn’s Beauty Pageant. When Dawn and Friends were bored with The Runway, they had a Dawn’s Beauty Parlor! After the Beauty Parlor, they could all pile into Dawn’s Action Car, a blue convertible. Off into the night they would speed to Dawn’s Revolving Dance Floor Disco Set! All of her fabulous trendy friends would dance the night away. She even had a super cool dance partner named Kevin, who was tall and blond!

Sadly, Topper Toys went out of business in 1973. A few attempts were given at bringing Dawn Dolls back, but it didn’t seem to take off. However; Dawn Dolls are quite the collector’s item!

I can’t help but smile really big when I think about my life emulating Dawn’s! My love of my dear friends, fashion, and Disco…… what’s in a name??? Ask my Mom, she’ll tell you!

Dawn Dollz

1969 DAWN BEAUTY PAGEANT DOLLS Vintage Comic Book Advertisement


Dawn and friends

Dawn Doll



Doll case