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Macy’s Flower Show 2012


This year’s  show boasted a Brazilian flower theme in bright tropical colors. It was a much smaller display, compared to past years. No longer inside of the  store, it is in a tent directly outside of Macy’s. I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as we did! If you are in town, please check out Macy’s windows that resonate with the beautiful and colorful spirits of Brasil!


Union Square Market


There is nothing like the promise of spring being sprung on a Saturday afternoon in NYC’s Union Square. I come here often on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday for some floral inspirations for upcoming events, and am never let down. Enjoy the sprigs of pussy willow, spring basket bulbs of hyacinth and iris, and pretty faces of pansies. I spoke with several of the growers who provide such luscious plants and they promised that there will be even more types and colors of plants to come in the next few weeks. So get on down to Union Square and get yourself some spring happiness!