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Pretty in Pink Bouquets


“Tell me about yourself”….

This question always seems to make most brides ponder the thought….

“Who am I? What makes me smile? What is my style? What colors suit me best? What flower would define me?”

The featured bouquets say to me that you are a feminine, classy and understated woman who needs little to enhance yourself. These bouquets of simply sweet pea and all ranunculus make a subtle statement of elegance for your big day!

And let us not forget the ranunculus boutonniere for the groom!


Sweet Pea


Who cannot help but smile warmly when enjoying the intense aroma and vibrant hues of the magnificent sweet pea? Walking through the flower market I spotted two whole shelves of the fluttering butterfly like blossoms of goodness! Sweet peas are actually a member of the pea family and are native to Italy. Did you know that these annual  blossoms can climb upwards of 6 feet? The colors range from: white, pink, red, violet, and purple. Enjoy yourselves some sweet pea images!