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Bouquet Stem Wrap Enhancement

Bouquet Stem Wrap Enhancement

Enhancing a simple, all one flower bouquet can add a touch of finesse and elegance. Check out your trimming store for ideas. I recommend M & J Trimming for the most unusual trim accents.






Pretty in Pink Bouquets


“Tell me about yourself”….

This question always seems to make most brides ponder the thought….

“Who am I? What makes me smile? What is my style? What colors suit me best? What flower would define me?”

The featured bouquets say to me that you are a feminine, classy and understated woman who needs little to enhance yourself. These bouquets of simply sweet pea and all ranunculus make a subtle statement of elegance for your big day!

And let us not forget the ranunculus boutonniere for the groom!

Winter’s Options


Matching options in orchid compositions with winter accents

Okay, winter is here and it is cold, dreary, and baren…not to worry, you can still add accents to your wedding day and look bright and alive. The following pictures feature corsage/boutonniere options that will accent that fabulous tux/gown just perfectly!

Hendren Wedding 2010


My Brother and his fiance are getting married! I ask my Sister-In-Law to be ” Can I do your flowers and do you trust me”? She answers “Yes”. I am so lucky that she does!

Ossip/Rose Wedding 2010


Doing flowers for a lovely young lady that I watched grow into a spectacular woman was an honor for me. Doing flowers for her Mother, who is a dear friend, was something that needed to be PERFECT! Lacey is a special person who will communicate

exactly what she does and does not want, and then she leaves the rest up to you.  Here is what we came up with for her wedding day.

July 3, 2011 Wedding at Colbeh


I had the pleasure of doing Laura and Shlomi Ohana’s wedding Fourth of July weekend. I incorporated her love of green and white flowers into a modern leaf-lined vase filled with orchids and grasses.