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Lake Trout, where Williamsburg meets Baltimore….. 160 Havemeyer 718-782-FISH


I have heard a lot of hype recently about a Williamsburg restaurant that emulates a Baltimore theme. While stuck in traffic, why not take a detour through the Williamsburg Bridge instead of the Queensboro¬†Bridge? I am from Baltimore originally and am quite excited to see what Williamsburg’s spin on my hometown of B-more will be….The menu is limited, very limited. The price point is very affordable. The decor really needs some help; a few photos of Baltimore sports people and “Highlandtown” and “Cherry Hill” spray painted on the wall are just not enough! We ordered the Cheese Fish Sandwich, The O’Malley Salad, and the Western Fries. They were good, I must admit. The true test would have been to order the Crab Cake, but my heart couldn’t do it…. There was no Old Bay (MAJOR strike). They did however have a sauce called “Mumbo”. As far as I know, that has nothing to do with Baltimore, but it was hot, spicy, and delicious! There were no Pink Flamingos, photos of Divine, or anything “Hon” related. The music was atrocious and quite offensive, but that doesn’t really matter. You can dine in ( 16 chair¬†seating) or take out. I wouldn’t write the place off, give it a try for yourself (so long as you aren’t going out of your way to do so). My favorite was the bathroom door, pics ahead!